Gear Daddies : Time Heals


Sometimes, we all have to realize how our words can be hurtful, mean, and what we take as something so small can blow up into something big in the drop of a hat. Recently, had an argument on Facebook that got out of control. In the end, I relented to try and smooth things over as this person will be in my life for probably the rest of my life. It left me hurt, because of the words he used, and the callousness of his attack. It left me angry, because of the things that he said of my friends. It left me sad, because he didn’t care how his words hurt me, there was no remorse, in his¬†unapologetic attack on me. I lost sleep, it stressed me out. It’s been bothering me for days. Then, this morning. This song. This very song popped in my head. Haven’t heard it in years. But, it was exactly what I needed to let it go. “Time heals, and time forgets…” By the time I see this person again, time will have passed, and all of this will be forgotten… that’s all I need to remember…

Here’s a link to the recorded version… which I think is a little better…


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