Nine Inch Nails : Call Me A Hole Mash Up & Maybe Just Once


So, a few weeks ago, while at First Avenue for Transmission, the dance night run by Jake Rudh, a friend of mine asked if we heard that mash-up of Head Like a Hole and Call Me Maybe, and while I had heard of it’s existence, I could not get myself to listen to it. She said that it’s pretty brilliant, and well, after listening to it, I might have to agree. Somehow, it really just works. I don’t know why or how, but it does just kind of work. Now, after listening to it, it doesn’t really surprise me that much though. As Trent as dabbled in a more poppy sound before. While writing and recording for Pretty Hate Machine, he had a song that didn’t make the album. Why? Because it was just too poppy, and didn’t fit in with the rest of the songs. It’s a song called Maybe Just Once, and well, it’s borrows from it’s early 80’s synth pop, but in a darker way. While it’s not necessarily that close to the mash-up, it is in the same ballpark… Well, I’ll let you decide, here are both songs… enjoy!

Call Me A Hole

Maybe Just Once


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