Ed Kowalczyk : The Great Beyond


Okay, so I promise, this will be the last post from anything from the movie Killing Bono. But there was just so much great music from the movie, it just inspired me to promote these songs in the blog. So, you might not be familiar with Ed Kowalczyk as a name, but if you lived in the ’90s, you will probably remember his band Live. Live had a string of alternative hits in the early ’90s, including I Alone, Lighting Crashes, Selling the Drama and All Over You. Since leaving the band in 2009, he has been building his solo career up, releasing the album, Alive in 2010. This song was released on that album, and caught the ears of the producers of the movie Killing Bono. They liked it so much that they wanted to have the band Shook Up! perform it in the movie as one of their own songs. Ed agreed as long as his version showed up on the soundtrack, which it did. This was a song that I immediately liked when first hearing it in the movie, and I hope that you like it as much as I do… So, check it out…


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