The Replacements : Within Your Reach


Well, movie music week officially continues with The Replacements. I actually had a different song chosen for today, but last night, an announcement happened that changed all that.

The Replacements are getting back together to play their first shows since the infamous last show at Grant Park in Chicago, July 4th, 1991. They will be playing three confirmed shows, Riot Fest in Chicago, Toronto and Denver. This is MASSIVE to all the Replacements fans out there.

So, in keeping with the movie theme this week, I am choosing Within Your Reach that was featured in the movie Say Anything. Interestingly, I was never really a fan of the song when it first came out. I was a punk, into the punk kind of Replacements. And here’s Paul, playing guitar over a drum machine. Eh. But when it was in the movie, it worked so perfectly with what was going on screen, that it was this huge revelation for me. I never understood it, until someone visually explained it to me. It was all there on screen. At that moment, I related.¬†It is now one of my favorite Replacements songs ever.


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