Rick Springfield : The Man That Never Was


Yes. You read that right. Rick Springfield. But hear me out on this one…

My wife and I watched the documentary, Sound City about a month ago, and I have to say, it was an awesome documentary. Produced by Dave Grohl, and it tells the story of Sound City Studios and the incredible custom made soundboard that they had there. The combination of the studio space and the custom board had made for a combination that could never be recreated. Some of the greatest records were recorded there, including Nirvana’s Nevermind. But with the ability to digital on a computer, and the advancements in ProTools, everyone can mix there own stuff in their small studio, or even in their bedroom. It has pretty much eliminated the need for the big studio spaces and analog tapes. So, Sound City closed it’s doors. And Dave Grohl bought the board. So, Dave invited people who were featured in the documentary to come back and record songs at his studio on the old board. This is one of those songs. And with the Foo Fighters backing him, it has their signature written all over the song, and it rocks. Yes. Rick Springfield Rocks. I said it, and you will too after you hear the song. It’s awesome.


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