Pink Mink : Seeking Scott Seekins


We were out with some friends on Saturday night at a restaurant called Cafe Maude here in Minneapolis, and while looking at the cocktail menu, I saw a drink called the Scott Seekins. Knowing who he is, I just had to order it, even though the only description of the drink was “All white in summer, all black in winter.” And well, you have to know who Scott Seekins is to get the joke. But the drink was delicious, Gin, Orange Bitters and some St. Germain. Awesome. Later that night, he made an appearance at Cafe Maude. While I’m not sure if he had his drink or not, I have a feeling he does hang out there a lot. Our friends even talked with him for a while, and even made a date to go trout fishing with him, as I guess he’s really into trout fishing.

Now, if you don’t know who Scott Seekins is, he is a Minneapolis based artist, who, well, is known more for his eccentric look than his art. He wears all white suits with white shirts, white ties, and a white headband, with his curly hair that pops out of the top of the headband. He has round black rimmed glasses, a unique beard and a pencil moustache. Quite the unique look. Now, in Winter, the suits/shirts/ties/headbands all change to black. And that’s all he wears. Essentially the same thing every day, just changes the color depending on the season.

He has become somewhat of a cult hero for some, and so the band Pink Mink has done a song in honor of their eccentric hero. And here it is. Enjoy. Oh, and he does make an appearance in the video… It’s winter, so that will help you find him… 🙂


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