Live : Selling the Drama


A couple of weeks ago, I had posted about Ed Kowalczyk, and well, posting about his new song really brought back memories of his time in Live, and so, I went back and pulled out some of my old CDs. I really forgot how good this band really was. The combination of poppy melodies, edgy guitars, unique vocals and lyrics, really gave the band a perfect mixture that gave them mainstream popularity, but all the while keeping their indie cred the whole time. No one ever accused the band of selling out. Throwing Copper was by far their best album, and they were never able to match the success of that album. It is too bad that they never did find that perfect formula again after that album. They did break up after a string of albums, but have recently reunited. Unfortunately, I did hear that Ed and the rest of the band had a falling out, and there are legal battles going on with the use of the name. The other members have replaced Ed with a new singer, but to me, they will never be the same without Ed. At least for us, we have the memories of the greatness that they once were.



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