The Riverboat Gamblers : True Crime



I have known about these guys for years, but never ended up having the opportunity to see them live until last weekend. They were one of the opening bands for the D4th of July, along with Toys That Kill, which were another great band. These guys were one of the most energetic, entertaining bands that I have ever seen. They loved performing and it totally showed. The lead singer never once stayed in the same spot more than a second, all over the stage, the speakers, into the crowd, eventually standing on the back counter and stage diving into the crowd at the end of their set. Insane stuff. At one point, he decided that he was going to hop on the table that was right next to me, and well, took out all the glasses and bottles on top of it at the same time. My beer was a victim, and ended up on me, but hey, it was worth it. I have been to several D4th of July’s, and this had to be my favorite of the bunch so far. So, I share with you today, the first song that I ever heard from them, and it immediately made me like them, and hopefully, it will make you like them too… enjoy!


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