Minnesota On A Stick : The Suburbs & P.O.S.

Photo by Kii Arens

Photo by Kii Arens

So, every year, the Minnesota State Fair goes on for two weeks. Growing up, the bands that would play the Grandstand shows were always kind of washed up, or one-hit wonders. But I have to admit, they have really stepped it up in the last few years. So, normally, I HATE, and I mean HATE going to the State Fair, but last year, they were able to reunite Semisonic for one night, and since Semisonic was one of my favorite bands, I had to go. And this year, the lineup tonight has The Suburbs and P.O.S., two of my favorite local bands, so the Fair has again enticed me to actually go. I would actually go tomorrow night to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis too, but tickets were long gone, and well, I’m not paying $75 a ticket to get in…

So, I have posted about both bands quite a few times, so I’m not going to get into either band too much. But you can get the new Suburbs record here. And they played The Current this morning, and so here’s the new single off the new album, Turn the Radio On, live on The Current.

And one of my favorite P.O.S. songs off his last album, Never Better



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