Booze & Glory : On Our Way To Wembley (Feat. Micky Fitz)


If you have been following the blog at all, you know that I have a thing for old school punk, and this is about old school crusty punk as you can get. These guys are big supporters of the english football club, West Ham United, just like quite a few of the other Oi punk bands, like Cocksparrer, Cockney Rejects and The Business (who Micky Fitz is the lead singer of). A friend of mine turned me onto them, and he is a big West Ham supporter, and this song pretty much sums up what it’s like to be a West Ham supporter.

“We ain’t on our way to Wembley,
we ain’t gonna win no cups,
our biggest problem is trying to stay up!”

Being a Newcastle supporter is much like the same thing. There’s no finals, no cups, and well, we barely stayed up last year, so while this is a West Ham song, I really really relate to this song. But it’s a really good song, so check it out!

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Live : Selling the Drama


A couple of weeks ago, I had posted about Ed Kowalczyk, and well, posting about his new song really brought back memories of his time in Live, and so, I went back and pulled out some of my old CDs. I really forgot how good this band really was. The combination of poppy melodies, edgy guitars, unique vocals and lyrics, really gave the band a perfect mixture that gave them mainstream popularity, but all the while keeping their indie cred the whole time. No one ever accused the band of selling out. Throwing Copper was by far their best album, and they were never able to match the success of that album. It is too bad that they never did find that perfect formula again after that album. They did break up after a string of albums, but have recently reunited. Unfortunately, I did hear that Ed and the rest of the band had a falling out, and there are legal battles going on with the use of the name. The other members have replaced Ed with a new singer, but to me, they will never be the same without Ed. At least for us, we have the memories of the greatness that they once were.


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Pink Mink : Seeking Scott Seekins


We were out with some friends on Saturday night at a restaurant called Cafe Maude here in Minneapolis, and while looking at the cocktail menu, I saw a drink called the Scott Seekins. Knowing who he is, I just had to order it, even though the only description of the drink was “All white in summer, all black in winter.” And well, you have to know who Scott Seekins is to get the joke. But the drink was delicious, Gin, Orange Bitters and some St. Germain. Awesome. Later that night, he made an appearance at Cafe Maude. While I’m not sure if he had his drink or not, I have a feeling he does hang out there a lot. Our friends even talked with him for a while, and even made a date to go trout fishing with him, as I guess he’s really into trout fishing.

Now, if you don’t know who Scott Seekins is, he is a Minneapolis based artist, who, well, is known more for his eccentric look than his art. He wears all white suits with white shirts, white ties, and a white headband, with his curly hair that pops out of the top of the headband. He has round black rimmed glasses, a unique beard and a pencil moustache. Quite the unique look. Now, in Winter, the suits/shirts/ties/headbands all change to black. And that’s all he wears. Essentially the same thing every day, just changes the color depending on the season.

He has become somewhat of a cult hero for some, and so the band Pink Mink has done a song in honor of their eccentric hero. And here it is. Enjoy. Oh, and he does make an appearance in the video… It’s winter, so that will help you find him… 🙂

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Face to Face : Disconnected


I know that I have blogged about this song before. But I always seem to come back to it every now and then, mainly because some of the lyrics really speak to me.

“Trust is something that comes easy
When you’ve never been a victim
Lies and promises and words are said
It’s you’re decision to accept them”

This song may be over 20 years old now, but there’s some things that are just timeless about it, and I will always love this song.

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Rick Springfield : The Man That Never Was


Yes. You read that right. Rick Springfield. But hear me out on this one…

My wife and I watched the documentary, Sound City about a month ago, and I have to say, it was an awesome documentary. Produced by Dave Grohl, and it tells the story of Sound City Studios and the incredible custom made soundboard that they had there. The combination of the studio space and the custom board had made for a combination that could never be recreated. Some of the greatest records were recorded there, including Nirvana’s Nevermind. But with the ability to digital on a computer, and the advancements in ProTools, everyone can mix there own stuff in their small studio, or even in their bedroom. It has pretty much eliminated the need for the big studio spaces and analog tapes. So, Sound City closed it’s doors. And Dave Grohl bought the board. So, Dave invited people who were featured in the documentary to come back and record songs at his studio on the old board. This is one of those songs. And with the Foo Fighters backing him, it has their signature written all over the song, and it rocks. Yes. Rick Springfield Rocks. I said it, and you will too after you hear the song. It’s awesome.

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The Lone Rangers : Degenerated


While talking with a co-worker about movies that are coming out and ones that we wanted to see, the new Lone Ranger movie came up, and when I ever hear The Lone Ranger, I always think about the movie Airheads, and that scene where the radio DJ is talking to the band:

Ian: The Lone Rangers? That’s original. How can you pluralize “The Lone Ranger?”
Chazz: What’s wrong with that?
Ian: Well, there’s three of you. You aren’t exactly “lone.” Shouldn’t you be the Three Rangers?
(blank stares, obviously not getting it)

But, I always liked the song that they did end up playing from The Lone Rangers. It was only later did I find out that the song is actually a cover of the song Degenerated by Reagan Youth, a early ’80s New York hardcore punk band. So, it does actually make sense that I would like it. So, I am actually posting both versions. Obviously, the Lone Rangers version is very polished, compared to the original, but I do like both versions quite a bit… So, take a listen.

The Long Rangers:

And the Reagan Youth original:

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The Replacements : Within Your Reach


Well, movie music week officially continues with The Replacements. I actually had a different song chosen for today, but last night, an announcement happened that changed all that.

The Replacements are getting back together to play their first shows since the infamous last show at Grant Park in Chicago, July 4th, 1991. They will be playing three confirmed shows, Riot Fest in Chicago, Toronto and Denver. This is MASSIVE to all the Replacements fans out there.

So, in keeping with the movie theme this week, I am choosing Within Your Reach that was featured in the movie Say Anything. Interestingly, I was never really a fan of the song when it first came out. I was a punk, into the punk kind of Replacements. And here’s Paul, playing guitar over a drum machine. Eh. But when it was in the movie, it worked so perfectly with what was going on screen, that it was this huge revelation for me. I never understood it, until someone visually explained it to me. It was all there on screen. At that moment, I related. It is now one of my favorite Replacements songs ever.

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