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Minnesota On A Stick : The Suburbs & P.O.S.

So, every year, the Minnesota State Fair goes on for two weeks. Growing up, the bands that would play the Grandstand shows were always kind of washed up, or one-hit wonders. But I have to admit, they have really stepped … Continue reading

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P.O.S. : Bumper

I love P.O.S., I think that he’s one of the most innovative hip-hop artists in the scene today, and one of the hardest working too. Not only does he do his hip-hop thing on his own and with Doomtree, he … Continue reading

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Doomtree : Team the Best Team

Doomtree released it’s newest CD last week, and there are some solid tracks on there as always. I believe that Doomtree is the best crew in the Twin Cities, surpassing the Rhymesayer’s… The talent in this group is just ridiculous, … Continue reading

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P.O.S. : Goodbye

So, a couple of weeks ago, after having dinner with friends, a friend of mine Jon and I talked about hip hop, and what we liked. He was into more of the 90’s hey day, with the Beasties, P.E., and … Continue reading

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