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Death : Politicians in my Eyes

So, I had a different post planned for today, and then I read this article last night: Death: A ’70s Rock Trailblazer, Reborn I had to check this band out. I mean, a band of three brothers, and are part … Continue reading

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Rise Against : Make It Stop (September’s Children)

I was not aware that October is National Bully Prevention Month, I only found out about this today, when someone on Facebook had posted about it. This is a problem that has been around since the beginning of time essentially. … Continue reading

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Slapstick : The Park

So, Mike Park after leaving Skankin’ Pickle, not only started The Bruce Lee Band, but he took to expanding the record company part of things, so he renamed Dill Records to Asian Man Records, and one of the first bands … Continue reading

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Dear Landlord : Whiskey and Records

So, this is one of those bands, that, well, I discovered through iTunes. It actually does do a good job of suggesting other bands that you might not have heard of. As I was listening to Banner Pilot, Dillinger Four … Continue reading

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Iron Chic : Every Town Has An Elm Street

These guys opened up for Banner Pilot a while back, and I missed their set. But my friends Amy and Lucas told me they were awesome, they might be one of the ugliest punk bands out there, but they were … Continue reading

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F**cked Up : Queen of Hearts

Punk. Sometimes, when you are having one of those days, you just need the kind of music that will help you get that frustration out. Punk is my prescription for that. I found this song yesterday, and it couldn’t have … Continue reading

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Have Nots : Louisville Slugger

Once in a while, you catch an opening band that ends up being really good. This is one of those cases. The Have Nots opened for The Street Dogs here in Minneapolis a few months ago, and we ended up … Continue reading

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