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Ian Rubbish and the Bizzaros : It’s a Lovely Day

Okay, so when I saw this skit on SNL, I really thought it was brilliant. The people that they got to speak, the documentary style of it, and it really captured kind of that early punk and totally made fun … Continue reading

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The Replacements : Kiss Me On The Bus

This was always one of my favorite Replacements songs, and well, the performance on SNL was one of the highlights of the Replacements, and yet, one of the low points of the Replacements at the same time. It was this … Continue reading

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Elvis Costello : Radio Radio

There was nothing on TV, Netflix wasn’t working, and we couldn’t get Amazon Streaming to work on the Roku. So, I pulled out the 25th Anniversary of SNL on DVD, and we put that on, since my wife had never … Continue reading

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